Our Friends

We are so very appreciative to our buyers over the years. Whether it was a future Herd Sire or females, each purchase has been a great blessing. With that said, there are some special friends who helped us get off the ground with their knowledge and willingness to allow me to glean from their experiences. Any success we have in the Angus business is a result of the help from our friends.

Matthew Grogan & Double Bar M Cattle

The entire Grogan family has been such a blessing to us for so many years. Many of them are members of our church. Matthew holds a special place in our heart. I had the honor and privilege of officiating the ceremony for him and his sweet wife, Lenee.

Matthew has often gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve our operation by performing AI and ultra sounding. I simply can’t count the times he has come to the farm in the middle of the night in frigid temperatures just to catch a particular cow on a natural heat. His conception rates are phenomenal and his overall knowledge of cattle management is superb.

My appreciation to Matthew goes well beyond my limited vocabulary.

Greg Bennett & Katie Colin Farms

Someone once said, “the strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation.”As far as I am concerned, I would have to say that would apply to my friendship with Greg Bennett. I feel I have received far more knowledge and guidance from him that I could ever give back in two life times. On many occasions I have contacted him about what to do, what to buy, what sire to use, and just about any other issue that might arise and with the patience of Job he has always obliged.

I want to voice my appreciation to Greg for always giving a listening ear and his ever present willingness to help me with decisions. He has been a mentor that I appreciate more than he will ever know.

Dr. Sam Edwards, Tony Mayes, & ZWT Ranch

The first time I met Sam Edwards was when he showed up at my place to do some ET work. He had been referred to me by Greg at Katie Colin Farms. Immediately, we struck up a conversation and the rest is history. He has stood in my Palp Cage on many occasions since then.

It was Sam who introduced me to another individual who has been a blessing to me more than he will ever know. I met Tony Mayes at a restaurant in Speedwell, Tennessee. Sam had told me how humble and down to earth Tony was. Sam was right. I think I walked passed Tony at least twice, never picking him out of the crowd as one whom a major Bovine Pharmaceutical Company sent to the booming metropolis of Speedwell to solicit ZWT’s business. Tony, along with Jason Johns, are as good of folk as you will ever meet.

And there are many others…

Time would fail me to describe my first meeting with the great Van Dyke family while in Montana or our family’s memorable stay at Bob Ballew’s XL Ranch in Wyoming. These successful programs are a direct result of the character and integrity of the owners who established them. I would also be remiss if I did not express my appreciation to Randy Daniel, Larry Coleman, Dave Graber, Dan Davenport, Wendell White, Ryan Aday, Parker Friedrich, Wyman Poe, and Bickett Genetics.