Our Farm

First of all let me say “thank you” for your interest in Sutherland Angus. Through a solid artificial insemination program our desire is to assist you in adding consistency, longevity, and – most importantly – maternal strength to your herd. Strong maternal influence is what has made the Angus breed famous. Many producers are making the switch to the Angus cows because of their unmatched ability to consistently breed on time, calve without any assistance, and take care of their babies.

We do not to place all the emphasis on running the race for achieving the highest EPDs. However, knowing the bottom line is that buyers want to see good numbers, we strive to use AI Sires with above average EPDs, without sacrificing structure, phenotype and stayability.

Here at Sutherland Angus, we want each customer to have a genuine, trustworthy experience when doing business with us. Ultimately, we desire to be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to us.

Thank you so much!

Randy Sutherland
Owner, Sutherland Angus